Ben Gwilliam / Michael Vorfeld ‎– Lauste [CD]


Ben Gwilliam / Michael Vorfeld ‎– Lauste [CD]


Label: Entr'acte

Format: CD

Year: 2010

Having enjoyed some of his more recent work, I wanted to dig a little deeper into Ben Gwilliam’s back catalog, so I checked this collaboration with Michael Vorfeld off on my list for Entr’acte. Lauste turns out to be just the right thing to put on when I want to mask some of the nasty wiring/ground loop/dying amplifier issues in my current apartment. A magnetic quilt of flickering pinpricks and pilfered wattage, these five pieces have an unsettling element of household danger that comes and goes as the listener is immersed in modulating depths of sharp, microscopic textures. Coiled up from light bulbs and tape recorders, the material is (for the most part) on the especially brittle side—which means you have to crank it up to really get the full experience. There’s no attempt at sculpting this audio into the electronic music listener’s preferred EQ curve; instead, we’re subject to the findings of exploratory probes with natural dynamics that yield more than a few jolts. A fair amount of this reminds me of the Joe Colley tracks that are posed as studies of malfunctioning circuits and failing small electronics—which is awfully fine company to be in—although Lauste is even more ungarnished and preferential to the tweeter. Live incandescent audio with an extra fine point; sounds normally only heard when something’s about to break, magnified and proliferated by trusted professionals for your listening pleasure.

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Lauste, a work for light bulb and magnetic sounds,
was recorded in Berlin in September 2008.
  The resulting material is a long piece made of short
sound sculptures; reduced electronic processes and
inherent sounds generated from static, pulsing
and intermittent light. The sounds of tape recording,
playback, the machinery and appropriated cassettes
are picked up with magnets and pins. The lights are
affected by switches, dimmers, relays and flashers
made audible by various microphones.

Ben Gwilliam is based in Todmorden, Yorkshire.
He works in experimental music, sound art,
film and performance. For the last ten years he
has been working with open reel tape, magnetics
and amplified processes in solo and collaborative

Michael Vorfeld is musician and visual artist based
in Berlin. He plays percussion and self-designed
string instruments and creates electro-acoustic
sound pieces, installations and performances with
light; he also works with photography and film.
He is a member of various groups and collaborates
with many multi-disciplinary artists.

Edition of 300 copies