Ludwig Berger – Cargo [C40]


Ludwig Berger – Cargo [C40]

7.00 9.00

Label: Canti Magnetici

Format: CS

Year: 2019

“Steady motions between the Mediterranean Sea, Asian peripheries and Northern European expanses. Blurred traces of extraction, collection and distribution; entangled bodies; translocality; placelessness and non-time. In between the infrastructure: voices from an uncertain past; the possibility of a dead-end street; touching and releasing the ground. Recommended way of listening: half asleep / in transit. Field recordings, Roland Juno 6.
Recorded and composed by Ludwig Berger, 2015-2017.”

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Ludwig Berger is a composer and artist based in Milan and Zurich. His work includes electroacoustic and audiovisual pieces, installations, walks and interventions. As a researcher and teacher at the Institute of Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich, he investigates the sound of Japanese gardens, Swiss glaciers and urban landscapes. Currently he is interested in alphabets, ambiguity, architecture, biotremology, deep listening, ecology, entanglements, gardening, glaciers, materialism, non-places, plant life, poor pedagogy, psychogeography, rivers, verticality, windows and walks.

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