Chris Petit – Museum of Loneliness [LP]


Chris Petit – Museum of Loneliness [LP]

14.00 19.00

Label: Test Centre

Format: LP

Year: 2013

Sold Out

Museum of Loneliness is a 12″ LP by Chris Petit composed of specially-recorded readings from his novels Robinson (1993), The Hard Shoulder (2001) and The Passenger (2006), and from his project The Museum of Loneliness. Backed by field recordings and soundtracks from his films Asylum (2000) and Content (2010), the album was smeared and spored by Mordant Music

Front cover and inner sleeve artwork is by Emma Matthews.

The album was released on 1st March 2013 in an edition of 600 copies, of which 15 were a special edition (now sold out). The special editions include an insert containing a previously unpublished MoL pamphlet, an exclusive DVD of Content, artwork by Emma Matthews, and a handwritten note by Petit.