David Maranha – Cai-Bem [LP]


David Maranha – Cai-Bem [LP]

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Label: Tanuki Records

Format: LP

Year: 2017

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“Cai-Bem” is a splendid addition to the already extensive discography of David Maranha. It is also the first full-length vinyl LP in Tanuki Records’catalogue. There is a story behind this new album, although you would not guess what it is, unless told. Keen to explore new ways of playing, as he has done during his whole career since he began playing with his band Osso Exotico in the 1980’s, Maranha suggested that they should all play other instruments that their regular ones. He himself switched his organ for the drums, Manuel Mota is on bass, Margarida Garcia on the organ and Miguel Abras on a fostex 4 track tape recorder and voice. Crafting their music as acoustic drone compositions, Maranha and his ensemble play primarily with time. Their compositions are less about inventing new structures every time, than about the paradoxical challenge of building a stasis retaining the forcefulness of a forward motion. In this case the unusual and eerie sounds they coaxed from their newfound instruments adds new layers to the psychedelic power of this great record. (bd)
released September 19, 2017

Margarida Garcia – Organ
Miguel Abras – Multitrack magnetic cassette tape deck, voice and shruti box
Manuel Mota – bass
David Maranha – Drums and shruti box

Recorded at Violante do Céu by David Maranha on the 20th of April 2017
Mixed by David Maranha in Violante do Céu, between 8th and 14th of May 2017
Mastered by Tó Pinheiro da Silva in Oeiras on the 17th of May 2017
Special thanks to Rui Dâmaso e Vitor Lopes
Photography by Pedro Roque

Cover art by Allon Kaye
Tanuki Records #28
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