David Wesley Sutton – Alterations [LP]


David Wesley Sutton – Alterations [LP]

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Label: enmossed

Format: LP

Year: 2019

“Better known as LXV, David Wesley Sutton presents two long-form work s under his own name, drawing upon early Gnostic writings, abstract Soviet cinema, and the stark pine barrens of his native New Jersey. Equal parts INA-GRM compositional mastery and unstable basement electronics, Sutton deftly manipulates antecedently unknown synthesis techniques into sublime spiritual landscape. “ –enmossed

"I wanted to take the opportunity with this record to engage directly with elements of minimalism, drone, basement noise and musique concrète that were very formative for me. For these two recordings, among other things, I was specifically very inspired by Eduard Artemyev’s “Solaris” soundtrack, by Maryanne Amacher and Éliane Radigue’s immersive sound works, “Granulations-Sillages / Franges du Signe” by Guy Reibel and by the humble sources of Klaus Schulze’s “Irrlicht”.

I began by building a palette of sounds using a 35$ 90s midi synth module and processed and arranged the sounds using the free software Pure Data. What I have always personally admired about sound music is that its temporal and ephemeral nature allows it to convey and communicate ideas and feelings concerning the metaphysical, spiritual and or existential aspects of the human experience; more easily often, in my opinion, than visual mediums. Within this thought process “Alterations” conjures specifically inspiration from the unearthed codices of 1st and 2nd century Syrian- Egyptian Gnosticism whose writings and metaphorical myth makings have been revelatory for me in recent years.

The titles “Alterations” and “In Suspension of The Other” refer to the tribulations of the ascension to a higher self and a higher order. “In The Dancing” refers to The Round Dance of The Cross, a poetic gnostic prayer metaphor that speaks to the dualistic nature of existence, the binary of agony and ecstasy and the mysterious dance of their coexistence in our world." –DWS

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recycled paper covers silkscreened by Thomas Sara.

recycled vinyl limited to 150 copies.