Enrico Piva – Anticlima [5CD Box]

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Enrico Piva – Anticlima [5CD Box]


Label: spazio di Hausdorff ‎

Format: 5CD. 64 pp. booklet + bookmark

Year: 2019

“Enrico Piva has been a master of concealment. And a profoundly serious researcher who devoted himself to art in his various facets never blending it with mediocre and tamed perspectives. He never stopped doing things, from art (drawing and photography) to botanical investigations in the field, from mountaineering to needlework, from literature to stretching, from collecting natural specimens to inventing objects and mocking society. Music has always been the centre of his attitudes even when concealed in other guises (for him observing nature had a musical impact, doing archeological investigations was musical, preparing his own clothes was musical). He was complete yet fuzzy, maniacally attentive to detail yet often unable to pin down a structure. In all this he not only confused friends, listeners and readers, and environments, he confused himself to death (he committed suicide on 10.10.2002).

This anthology presents most of his musical researches, under his name or another moniker (mainly Amok), from his early experiments with electroacoustic acceleration of the late 1970's through his dramatic journeys into psychoacoustic surveys and metamusical choices of the 80's to later interiorised and silenced musical reduced magmas. We have collected most of his production covering his very early self-produced cassettes (presented under the collective name conceptualmusicontape) and some unreleased music from the same era (cd 1); his tryptich of the 80's (as Amok), his most important and influential efforts on cassette complemented with unreleased contemporary pieces (cd 2 to 4); and several unreleased musics Enrico composed in later periods, at times meant for future releases (which never appeared cf. Mouches Volantes) or self-contained experiments he occasionally sent to friends (cd 5), which demonstrate the span of investigations he continued to pursue, even when solipsistically intended in modus operandi.

The edition represents a homage and a private narration constructed directly from the words of Enrico himself and all the evidences gathered from several testimonies of his life. The project started in 2014 thanks to the Pivick club, and through the years and several believable and unbelievable winding and rough passages and paths, it never kept from reaching the target: to celebrate and disclose to any possible audience someone, an author, who never stopped investigating life and death, finally giving him a place in music history, where he belongs.

Richly presented in a deluxe box, with 5 cd's housed in trifold covers with fully detailed notes and images, a 64 pp. booklet with essays on his music, his activity, a comprehensive notated discography and a large set of images, photos, scotographies, drawings and scores from the archives of members of the Pivick club. “

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“box-set with 5cd's in individual printed covers, 64 pp. printed booklet and a special bookmark published by spazio di Hausdorff 2019 (catalogue number: T2017)

Limited edition of 300 copies
38 numbered copies will contain a steel plate with a drawing by Enrico Piva chemically milled by CMT Energia Dinamica, contribution of Marco D'Ottavi.

An anthology of musics by Enrico Piva spanning the years 1978-1999 with critical texts by Giancarlo Toniutti and Vittore Baroni
a discography by Walter Rovere
and images by Piva himself

A production spazio di Hausdorff (Giancarlo Toniutti, Massimo Toniutti) with the Pivick club (Giancarlo Toniutti, Vittore Baroni, Massimo Toniutti, Edoardo Bertoletti, Walter Rovere, Luca Miti, Simon Balestrazzi) “

CD1 h.k Asylum

CD2 Iteratio

CD3 Viaggio a Nybro

CD4 Warm Leeches Dance

CD5 Ovum Somniare