Glochids – Ni Fila [LP]


Glochids – Ni Fila [LP]


Label: Ascetic House

Format: LP

Year: 2017

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"Glochids new full length album, 'Ni Fila', is an impressive addition to the canon of acousmatic ecology. Sound collage treated as an ecosystem. Non-hierarchical, interdependent layers from varied sources. Diversity strengthens; confusion instructs.
There is nothing obtuse about the sonic language in which Glochids speaks, yet his unique, studied intellect draws upon the academic framework of his concrete music predecessors: it takes the most inaccessible output of their process-driven experimentation, and translates it into a viral, organic dialectic form, just as that which resonates in our very DNA.
Ni Fila contains electronics & field recordings, acoustic & midi percussion. Gamelan bonang share space with Guatemalan street scenes. Various tracks built from material used extensively in Glochids live performances over the past three years."

released April 5, 2017

Electronics (synthetic & concrète), percussion (hard & soft)
Recorded and produced by James Roemer
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi