Gordon Monahan – Piano Mechanics / Large Piano Magnified [LP]


Gordon Monahan – Piano Mechanics / Large Piano Magnified [LP]


Label: Gordon Monahan

Format: LP

Year: 1986

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Piano Mechanics

  • Abrupt Stops
  • Solitary Waves And Far Away Sounds
  • Trill With Hand Controlled Pitch Release
  • Solitary Waves
  • Melody Concealed By A Tremolo
  • High Trills Becoming Combination Tones
  • Fingers And Arms Becoming Four Hands

Large Piano Magnified

  • Wave Of A Single Harmonic
  • High Frequency Residue
  • Shapes Emerging Along High Tension
  • High Frequency Particles
  • Metal And Wood
  • Fast Trill With Hand Controlled Pitch Release
  • Malleability
  • Shifting Planes Of A Fully Resonating Piano
  • Lateral Boundary Of A Plucked String

Piano Mechanics:

A work for solo piano in 9 movements. In this piece, the acoustical properties of the piano are explored. The piano is not treated as a traditional concert instrument, but rather as a machine for the synthesis of sound. An extreme, un-pianistic keyboard technique is used to excavate acoustical sounds that are not normally associated with the piano.

Large Piano Magnified:

For magnetic tape in 7 movements; commissioned by CBC Radio for broadcast. Recorded piano sounds are played back at variable speeds and mixed on a multi-track tape. The piano sounds derive from acoustical properties developed from investigations while composing Piano Mechanics.