Human Adult Band – T. Penn Collections [C92]


Human Adult Band – T. Penn Collections [C92]


Label: Saga House

Format: Cassette

Year: 2018

“Since the late 90's, New Jersey gunk centerpiece T. Penn has dealt in various forms of disembodied, menacing punkedelia. For this offering, T. Penn, chief architect of his Human Adult Band, has handpicked eight rarities from the archives.

With a bent mirror to the spirit of Subterranean Records-era Flipper, T. Penn conjures an outsider haze, a destabilized psych vision. In this, these Human Adults are implacable and humorous, not at all mystical, but still complex, in the style of the late Jim Shepard à la Vertical Slit/V-3 or somewhere between the whimsy of The Garbage and The Flowers’ Stoned Rehearsal and early Pinakotheca. T. Penn Collections stands as a vestige of carefully manicured messthetics, an unshakeable vision of decrepitude as fortitude.

In a move toward conceptual attrition, the 46-minute A-side presents the B-side in reverse, transmuting the familiar elements into an even more alien prayer. The aptly-named 17-minute ceremony, “Music Is Not My Religion but This Is My Prayer,” opens the B-side with violent, tectonic low-end shifts, a paean to the process itself. From there, the collection proceeds fearlessly and enigmatically, from solo dirge, to guitarrock squall, to subdued bedroom renditions (of Marc Bolan and Jersey's own R. Stevie Moore). Constantly questioning the premise, never staying complacent in all-too-familiar forms, T. Penn Collections emboldens the ever-sideways mastery of T. Penn and the Human Adult Band catalogue.

For fans of Sonic Youth, Garbage and the Flowers, Les Rallizes Dénudés, Russian Tsarlag, Dead Moon.” –Saga House

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“Track 2b, 3b & 6b performed by Human Adult Band at a fleabag apartment in Highland Park, NJ and a New Brunswick, NJ house party. T Penn (bass on 3b & 5b/vox on all) Mike McCoskey (gtr on all), Dave Roque (rhythm gtr on 2b) & An Lally (flute on 2b).

Track 4b performed by th' Summer Dresses @ th' same fleabag apartment in Highland Park, NJ. T Penn (gtr/vox/bells/drms) & Jim Schmidt (gtr). Written by R. Stevie Moore.

Track 5b performed by Crusty Jack (RIP)T Penn (acoustic gtr/vox). Written by Marc Bolan.
In loving memory of Anthony Roque.

Track 7b performed by Th' Horrorday Rounders @ th' Get Down Bar, Asheville, NC. T Penn (gtr/vox/harp) & Lizly (drums)”