JJ Ulius – Tänder Ett Ljus / Era Jävla Manér [7"]

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JJ Ulius – Tänder Ett Ljus / Era Jävla Manér [7"]


Label: Happiest Place Records

Format: 7”

Year: 2018

“The time has come for each and everyone of you to make the decision! Stay in the old world or instead forsake it all, burn it down and rebuild it again - The Happiest Place is upon you! What the hell is The Happiest Place then? To answer that you must understand JJ Ulius and his solo-debut Tänder Ett Ljus/Era Jävla Manér. After two internationally praised 7”s with the group Skiftande Enheter, JJ Ulius takes on the world with his new pop-wonder! Two songs about love, alienation and kicking it against the pricks which will leave every soul moved. Tänder Ett Ljus/Era Jävla Manér is a homage to the persons who we love dearly, who led us through the dark and makes us feel wanted, even though they feel like shit themselves. It’s a fuck you to them, they and all (depending on which side you are listening). It’s the first time you heard TVP and dreamt of the person in the shopwindow ad. It’s that one Orange Juice 7” that you want and dream about. When you first saw Mark E. Smith playing it cool on The Tube. It’s the newest sound from Sweden which you could never find anywhere else. All this and more is what can be expected from JJ Ulius’ first step solo, as well as of Happiest Place Records. We are the greatest, we have the best taste and we are here to stay.”

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200 copies with handmade sleeves.

The debut 7" of Skiftande Enheter's prolific frontman JJ Ulius!
Two stellar tracks about love, alienation and "kicking it to the fucks" which will leave you moved!

Matthias from Swedish label "I Dischi Del Barone" says:
"... Two minutes of life-affirming Klippan-esque pop meets a slow-motion countryside Buzzcocks played backwards or something. Music to "dyngna" (party all night) to...""