John Wall / Alex Rodgers ‎– Work 2011-2014 [CD]


John Wall / Alex Rodgers ‎– Work 2011-2014 [CD]


Label: Entr'acte

Format: CD

Year: 2014

The second of three collaborative releases thus far, Work 2011-2014 is a thrilling composition of scattered computer wheeze and sparkling sandstorms of searing mutations, seasoned with black salt prepared texts from Rodgers. Bubbles burst, drinks get spilled, shoes get scuffed. A remarkable gauntlet of sounds that seem absolutely to be happening for the first time ever, constantly evolving and spawning new ones atop medical grade stainless steel. Speech starts in a somewhat neutral zone, then proceeds to take many different machines as host. The singularity seems as close as ever here—the most human of concerns and dissatisfaction in perfect harmony with living, breathing data dissemination. Presented as a single track, this is actually fifteen different pieces seamlessly unified, as indicated on Wall’s website, which explains the edge-of-your-seat feeling present throughout the easily repeatable runtime, along with what is credited as "severe editing". Rodgers’ strength as a poet is clearly evident (especially in the sleeve text), but in service to the disc as a whole, he lurks in the shadows often. There’s plenty of room to breathe and not get overwhelmed; both partners pulls their weight accordingly and flesh out something more interesting than a continuous reading layered over freeform electronics. Confrontational and jarring, yet with a sense of economy and technical precision to make this something very special indeed.

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This work was compiled from improvisations,
independently-recorded fragments and pre-
written texts over the specified period.
A second edition of Work 2006–2011 (E114)
is also available
John Wall
Computer-generated sounds
Severe editing, arrangement and composition
Alex Rodgers
Computer-generated sounds
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil and John Wall.
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Edition of 300 copies