Jonathan Meades – Pedigree Mongrel [LP]


Jonathan Meades – Pedigree Mongrel [LP]


Label: Test Centre

Format: LP

Year: 2015

A guided tour of selected rough stuffs from the acclaimed television presenter, novelist, and restaurant critic. Personal and cultural histories, real and fictitious alike, are dealt out with authority by Meades over a broadcast quality bed of shuffled and sweetened samples by Mordant Music.  The echoes swing long and evenly as the text becomes increasingly dramatic, rambunctious, and absurd. Consistently foul and funny for the most part. The challenge for most listeners might be overlooking the highly polished professionalism that comes with the territory (I personally favor the somewhat looser atmosphere of the second side). I have no idea how well known Meades is outside of the UK, but I imagine this would be an introduction for many on this site. Pedigree Mongrel serves as a fine one, dressed to the nines and tap dancing around the gutter.

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"Pedigree Mongrel is an album by Jonathan Meades composed of specially-recorded readings from his books PompeyMuseum Without Walls and An Encyclopaedia of Myself. Combined with the distinctive soundscapes of Mordant Music, it is both a unique retrospective of Meades’ fictional and essayistic writings, and a new and significant standalone work.
The album brings together the varied preoccupations of Meades’ work – his interest in history and biography, architecture and topography, the brutal and the grotesque. It is a highly imaginative, darkly comic journey through the landscapes of three very different narratives, moving fluidly between fact and fiction, as Meades alternates between his roles as presenter and performer. Readings from the texts are interspersed with conversational anecdotes, jokes and recollections, capturing Meades’ characterful persona both within and beyond the texts.
Pedigree Mongrel was smeared and spored by Mordant Music, who previously collaborated with Test Centre on Chris Petit’s Museum of Loneliness.
500 copies
Each copy comes with a digital download code."