Kallabris – Plays and Sings for Money [LP]


Kallabris – Plays and Sings for Money [LP]


Label: Entr'acte

Format: LP

Year: 2017

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“Pop songs. The first duty of a singer is to sing, Swinburne once wrote.
Some of the lyrics in these songs are taken from his poems and ballads.
What has been added should be seen as a commentary. But with a beat.
I am perfectly sure that he would have enjoyed the beating of the beats.
As for the rest, it is not exactly Faustine — but it still makes you sea-
sick. I hope that Swinburne would have been amused by this proletarian
echo of his voice.” — Michael Anacker, July 2017
Edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil