Marcin Barski – Wanda's Dream [LP]


Marcin Barski – Wanda's Dream [LP]

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Label: Reading Group

Format: LP

Year: 2018

“…new work from Krakow-based sound artist and researcher Marcin Barski, constructed out of found tapes from late-Communist era Poland.” –Reading Group

"It is not uncommon to find tapes with Father Popieluszko’s sermons about truth, disguised (perhaps to fool the militia?) as Modern Talking cassettes, with the tracklist handwritten on the red and white inlay card. In the illegal underground circuit of the 1980s, the visual could function just as a cover-up for the audial. The Polish soundscape back then was very much happening on the level of the imagination. On tapes, people were sharing things they had never seen, the voices of people they had never met and recordings of music they could never experience live in a concert. The audial was shaping their longing for the visual. The audial had the power of changing a reality which otherwise was too much stuck in its greyness." –Marcin Barinski

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Side A:

  • Wanda's Dream

  • Jammed by the Soviets

Side B:

  • Sermons over Modern Talkin

  • Conversation with Father

    Limited edition of 250. Includes digital download card.