Meitei (冥丁) – Kwaidan (怪談) [CS]

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Meitei (冥丁) – Kwaidan (怪談) [CS]


Label: Evening Chants

Format: Cassette

Year: 2018

"Meitei is a Japanese artist who started out as a freelance composer, making various kinds of music across genres. Having done it for 8 years, his goal was to eventually release his own original music.

Living in Kyoto for the past two years has deeply influenced his current sound, which is a focus on musically crafting a “Japanese mood” called Meitei (冥丁) (thus, his name). Rich in history, Meitei wanted to borrow this lost “Japanese mood” and incorporate a contemporary spin on it. This led to the creation of Kwaidan (怪談).

Kwaidan is a style of Japanese ghost stories. Meitei took it as a challenge of his skill as a musician to transpose the folklore into intricate compositions, capturing this lost “Japanese mood”.

“The shocking elements in the horror have become a staple. It’s functions as entertainment. But I personally felt the mood and ambience from Kwaidan is starting to wither – while the darkness is scary, the beauty is in the curious spirit”

Kwaidan was originally released in January 2018. Evening Chants is pleased to be re-issuing this exceptionally crafted piece of work on cassette tape."

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Edition of 100. Comes with translucent obi strip.