Mike Majkowski ‎– Swimming In Light [LP]


Mike Majkowski ‎– Swimming In Light [LP]


Label: Entr'acte

Format: LP

Year: 2016

Sustain doesn’t come without work on Swimming in Light—on the first side, you can hear all the flexor action being implemented to heat up the instruments enough that they might start to levitate, a small band, vibrating in a shared magnetic field, suspended in time.“Radio Weather Vending Machine” feels like it could break out into bombastic horn wailing and snare explosions at any moment, but instead that energy is reserved and fed back into the cycle. The first side resets a few times to change color, generally anchored by a slow pendulum of bass notes to anchor the shimmering acoustic blur to a clock—a rowing motion of minimalism that reminded me of the d’incise disc you can still get here (as it turns out, Majkowski has indeed performed a collaborative work by said artist). “Structure and Posture” lives up to its title, and inverts the ratio of notes to abstract washes for a something more like eerie, creeping incidental music. Stay field recordings suddenly sneak up behind the instruments to liven up the upper reaches, like someone hit a jackpot of bottle caps. One of the great success of this one is the amount of instrumentation that Majkowski seamlessly rotates through, never saddling the music with a shred of business. Varying timbres drift in the same glimmering pool of sound, floating into different pockets of translucency, ripe for a Sunday morning listening session.

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A. Radio Weather Vending Machine
B. Structure and Posture
Double bass, bass guitar, analogue synthesizer,
vibraphone, piano, percussion, field recordings
Recorded, performed, constructed and mixed by
Mike Majkowski, Berlin, August–November 2015
Mike Majkowski is a musician based in Berlin.
His work primarily focuses on repetitive structures
and their mutations, relationships between stillness
and pulse, as well as the spectral qualities of
resonating frequencies.

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Edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil