Mount Fog – We Know Nothing [8" Lathe]

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Mount Fog – We Know Nothing [8" Lathe]


Label: Hustle Productions

Format: 8" Lathe Cut

Year: 2017

Sold Out
Hustle Productions is a newborn independent label based in Bologna. It deals with the production of limited edition audio media by artists working in the field of audio/visual experimentation.
The first release that Hustle is glad to produce is dedicated to an Italian-Swedish trio: Mount Fog. Born in 2011 and formed by Nicola Domaneschi, Erich Grunewald and Marco Verdi, Mount Fog is a multidisciplinary art project that spreads in between audio/visual research, sound art and photography.
“We Know Nothing” is the first official release by the trio and comes after a series of performances and installations, amongst which participations in festivals such as Teatrum Botanicum (PAV Parco Arte Vivente - Turin), Fotografia Europea Off (Reggio Emilia), SI Fest Off (Savignano sul Rubicone) and Kernel Festival (Villa Tittoni Traversi - Desio).
The two tracks of “We Know Nothing” merge electroacoustic manipulations, musique concrète, organic and acoustic sounds collected from the band in the span of three years and later destructured and recomposed, on which minimal electronic incursions are grafted to draw obscure and enigmatic scenarios.
The two compositions showcase the participation of guest artists (Oscar Palou on the double flute and Riccardo Canta on the saxophone) and the mastering by the Swedish experimental musician Viktor Ottosson (Blodvite).

“We Know Nothing” is printed on a square transparent 8” lathe cut and features an exclusive artwork designed by Mount Fog themselves in collaboration with NoMoire.
Limited edition of 100 copies, handmade and numbered.
"Imagine a walk like any other, well, Mount Fog’s is not quite like that. Sounds of household objects, spasms, a run towards the outside and breaths that remind horns from a loud metropolis, the never ending run to reach the breath of nature, the vibrations of the woods, the rustling of the leaves caressed by the wind in a conurbation polluted by light." (N.C.)
  • Side A - In a house of many entrances (7:26)
  • Side B - We know nothing (8:02)