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Label: Ge-stell

Format: CD

Year: 2018

“David Burraston is an artist/scientist involved in technology and electronic music since the late 1970s. He had an innovative role in the foremost UK telco’s R&D laboratory (BT Research Laboratories) in diverse areas such as Artificial Life, Complex Systems, Virtual Reality, Spatial Audio and Information Visualisation. He was part of the team that designed and built 'The Wires' installations at The WIRED Lab. His PhD thesis developed and applied fundamental new concepts, arising out of generative music practice, to a key problem in complex systems. He has been operating Noyzelab as an independent art/science music studio since 1981. David also designs and builds sound synthesizers based on his theories of chaos/complexity science.”

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CD in 300 gsm cardboard wallet with gloss varnish finish. Printed in Pantone 872 C.

Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering
Design by Joe Gilmore
Production by Cameron Shafii


  1. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 1#03 (01:54)

  2. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#03 (1:44)

  3. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#10 (0:50)

  4. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#14 (1:34)

  5. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#20 (4:17)

  6. CSR3 MONO (15:54)

  7. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#22 (1:23)

  8. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#23 (1:28)

  9. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#28 (1:22)

  10. TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 2#32 (1:42)

  11. CSR34t kzM ENRONMI (16:54)