Of Habit – Extended Technique [CS]


Of Habit – Extended Technique [CS]


Label: Entr'acte

Format: Cassette

Year: 2017

I leapt at the very notion of this project, as a Spoils & Relics listener recently hipped to Mr. Myles’ A Series of Lizards imprint, a new tape that adds a literal voice to his activities was a no-brainer of an acquisition. A couple small boxes and a microphone from the desk of a calm downer is often a winning formula in my book, and Extended Technique draws out rich material from that territory, with the same lustrous blackness as the material in which the cassette itself is encased. There’s an extraordinarily high degree of clarity being delivered, suggesting a crystallized view of a dreary, sickened setting. Head firmly in hand, the sun all but forgotten, a readback of the captain’s log, interwoven with surreal, recovered half-dreams that bleed into reality. Rhythms hit hard, contrasted with the low, undramatic delivery of the text, and the whole outing is quite craftily sequenced, spacing out the vocals for an eventful listen. A sense of movement from one place to another under the shadiest of circumstances is injected by the stretched instrumentals. Loops fade the listener in and out of consciousness down hallways. Talk of gear and signal paths somehow lends to the confusion, more so than breaking any walls, as the equipment being discussed sounds more and more like William Lee’s typewriter on my third pass. A damp, poetic survey of technological malaise and wasting days, full of quotable lines. Already sold out at the source, so do the right thing.

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“Last-orders mumblings in an empty pub
where the jukebox plays your thoughts.”
This is the debut release from Of Habit — an ode
to experimental music from the psyche of Spoils &
Relics member Gary Myles. Recorded in 2016–17.
Spoken word, rhythms and beats sit in a timeless
“Standing at the bar, staring into the mirror
behind, my reflection snapped.”

Limited edition of 80 copies
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil