Panos Alexiadis ‎– Katabasis [LP]


Panos Alexiadis ‎– Katabasis [LP]

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Label: Rekem Records

Format: LP

Year: 2014

A fitting title if there ever was one, as my first thought was of a creeping descent down a well via a pulley system, followed by: hazy detective hallucinations featuring bug-zapper electronics, echoes of unknown footsteps, expressionist swells, serialist scatter. Dark music box excursions with a consciousness of breath—more than one Morty comes too mind. A shadowy sense of withholding, an intermittent blocking of the CCTV lens. Bleeding the radiators. Out for a midnight stroll through city streets, looks to be all set scenery. Trying to recall the exact reason for a state of nervousness. Skipping stones in the dark, wading further into the water. Cover is looking sharp and on the money in bold black and gray, so come on down.

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’Katabasis’ is the first solo album proper from Panos Alexiadis -an electronic musician based in Athens- following a series of cassette and cdr releases with various projects/aliases.

With a title that translates to ’descend’, Katabasis is a concrète sound environment generated through real-time synthesis using modular electronics, acoustic instrument samples and location recordings. Aiming to create a distinct psychoacoustic experience, the music avoids any overt tonal structures, focusing instead on the construction of immersive acoustic spaces that display strong ties to classic electronic music as much as they reveal Alexiadis’ unique voice.

The music was mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, and is produced on an edition of 300 on vinyl. The first side of the LP houses the main piece itself, while the second provides space for an addendum which extends the possibilities of this music to a purely electronic piece. ‘15:21’ mirrors the first track in its construction but drops the use of any pre-recorded elements from its palette, revealing the stark and raw beauty at the root of the artist’s work.