Panos Charalambous ‎– Fullness Of Harmony [Single-Sided 12"]

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Panos Charalambous ‎– Fullness Of Harmony [Single-Sided 12"]


Label: Rekem Records

Format: LP

Year: 2017

Sound is a two way street with innumerable means of transportation, and how one chooses to access a recording informs his or her relationship with its personal and historical significance. Panos Charalmbous opens up the time capsule of recorded music throughout Greek history by exploiting the fluid nature of cartridge mechanisms on Fullness of Harmony. While most listeners insert themselves into the equation of audio time travel passively, Charalambous brazenly comes in through the backdoor to become an active participant in music reproduction. In gallery terms: you’re reverently admiring a sculpture from behind the clearly demarcated boundary, and this guy’s got his paws all over it. The performer/auditor employs an unusual cast of pointed objects to summon vibrations from vinyl, and while the resulting sound is not wholly transformative in an illusory, funhouse mirror sort of way, it materializes into a larger performance activity of conceptual, reheated listening. Those enamored with the private, fumbling about solo in a room format (such as myself) will be keen to tap into this wobbly anti-DJ set. If all the generously offered production notes were absent, this disc would still be as strong entry in the field of objectified music as non-music. One side proves to be just the right amount. Also a bit of an ear-opener—Maria Callas and Demetrio Stratos are the only selections I recognized in the tracklist, the latter of which is a notable inclusion, as it qualifies as being twice-baked avant garde (and likely making some collectors squirm at the mistreatment of a nova musicha LP). Phonograph needles recommended, but there’s always more than one way to bake a cake. 

From Rekem:
Whatever that sound was that was coming from the records, it returns now back into the record. "Fullness of Harmony" presents the sound work of Panos Charalambous, collector-artist, born in 1956 in Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece.

This very limited edition presents a document of performances where he takes up the task of DJing with vinyl and shellac records, performances that see him intensely involved with the "exhumation" of voices and memories hidden within the grooves of records. In his work, Charalambous uses unorthodox tools such as agave leaves, rose thorns and an eagle's nail to pick up the sounds from the records, in a symbolic but also immediate effort to come to a more direct contact with the songs and tales contained within. The materials he mines range from raw folk voices to elaborate arias, with the geographical location and histories of the Balkan peninsula being the sole reference point that brings them together. In the raw vibration that carries through his earthly cartridges, Charalambous dreams up the spirit of the land, traveling through the tumultuous history of the 20th century in its ghostly dance.

This recording was captured in the summer of 2014 and is presented in a limited edition of 120 copies, with hand-stamped labels.

Recorded by Kostas Mpageorgos
Mastered by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos
Cover photograph by Panayotis Panopoulos
Layout by Point Blank