Riar Rizaldi – I Only Have Visions For You [C28]

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Riar Rizaldi – I Only Have Visions For You [C28]


Label: Hasana Editions

Format: Cassette

Year: 2018

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Recorded during his artist residency in Seoul, South Korea between October-December last year, the Bandung-based media artist presents a collection of winter sonnets about longings, heartbreak and alienation. Often found working with various medium and technique, this time he transforms field recordings and translates them into preposterous love songs generated through codes and random numbers.
Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C28 NAC cassette tape with silver card.
Including download code of digital version.
  • A1 Tiny Chairs and Ancient Building
  • A2 Blue Shirt, White Striped
  • A3 Ten Days, Please
  • B1 Un Taipei
  • B2 Dancing Goldfish Next to Hostel Number One