Sammartano – Walkman Jazz [S/Sided C26]


Sammartano – Walkman Jazz [S/Sided C26]


Label: Canti Magnetici

Format: Recycled cassette, single-sided

Year: 2019

“Each cassette is an unique piece housed in a black box. No name, no titles, no label. Only shit plastic and sound.”

“Sammartano strikes again! Broken the ice on his last trip “Rompighiaccio Destiny”, the man returns as the only director of a doped BANDA of new mutants, freaks and borderline cases that plays at its own funeral party on a ship that sails a radioactive sea towards a new promised land (that obviously doesn't exist).
Non music for no future.”

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recorded at Gallleriapiù (Bologna), 28th April 2018

cover picture "The Infamous Banda of Santa Cecilia"
by Annalisa Lazoi

Gaspare Sammartano is an Italian underground musician and sound maker. His solo work is focused on gathering and manipulation of tapes and reflecting on the evolution of modern sampling techniques.
He is also part of the Canti Magnetici label team.”