Takehisa Kosugi – New York, August 14, 1991 [LP]

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Takehisa Kosugi – New York, August 14, 1991 [LP]


Label: Slowscan

Format: LP

Year: 2019

Classic live concrète/electroacoustic performance recorded at Kosugi’s apartment and originally issued as part of the Fluxus cassette anthology originally issued on Slowscan in 1994. An entrancing melange of disparate events and matter stirred into excitation by a master of the form.

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The music was performed by myself, solo, recorded live at my former apartment in New York City.

For this performance I used:
- Pre-recorded environmental sounds (birds in the city of Ferrara, Italy)
- Live broadcasting sounds from W.EBS radio, New York
- A plastic bottle in which a small microphone is installed for picking up sounds of my voice and other sounds
- An audio generator for electronic sounds
- Sound effectors including a time/delay machine and pitch sh