Test Centre Six [Magazine]


Test Centre Six [Magazine]

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Publisher: Test Centre

Format: A4 Magazine

Year: 2015

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Test Centre Six, the sixth issue of our fiction and poetry magazine, with new work by current and future Test Centre authors, plus an exciting selection of contributions from writers published by Test Centre for the first time.
The issue is dedicated to Lee Harwood, and features a number of pieces written for and about him.
Released in a limited edition of 250 copies, the magazine is A4 and stapled, with cover artwork by Ross Adams.
Contributors: Holly Pester, Olly Todd, Erik Stinson, Laura Elliott, Maria Fusco, Ahren Warner, Robert Herbert McClean, Mira Mattar, Paul Buck, Michael Thomas Taren Lord Kreiden, Purdey Lord Kreiden Thomas Taren, SJ Fowler, Chris McCabe, Chris Torrance, Jeremy Reed, Stephen Watts, Tom Chivers, Jack Underwood, Daisy Lafarge, Sam Buchan-Watts, Iain Sinclair, Jen Calleja, Chrissy Williams and Alan Moore.
A4. Stab-stapled. 64pp. 250 copies.
Printed on Risograph by Studio Operative.
Designed by Traven T. Croves, typeset by Test Centre.