Tom Knapp – Mophoc Rez’ [12" EP]


Tom Knapp – Mophoc Rez’ [12" EP]

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Label: Ge-stell

Format: 12" EP

Year: 2016

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A1 — Apnea (02:59)
A2 — Ingeborg (06:41)
B1 — Grnrs (03:45)
B2 — Neunauge (05:56)
150g black vinyl in full color, direct-to-board jacket with gloss varnish finish.
Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin
Design by Joe Gilmore and Cameron Shafii

"Tom Knapp has been active in the United Kingdom underground music scene since the late 1990s. He has performed live alongside the likes of Rashad Becker, Oneohtrix Point Never, Pimmon, Rian Treanor and SND. Tom ran the Icasea label with Satoshi Aizawa and Alexander Peverett, which went dormant in 2014, and started the MEDS label with Anthony Locke, releasing material for Wanda Group, SEAES (Chris Douglas, Dalglish) and Dave Burraston (Noyzelab, NYZ), to date. Tom is currently in PKKT, an electronic improvisation duo with Kieron Piercy (Spoils and Relics).

Tom Knapp’s Ge-stell debut ‘Mophoc Rez’ unfurls through hard edit juxtapositions and morphological destablisations, combining the nuances of free-time electroacoustic improvisation with well-tempered granular tactility. In each computer based composition, various planes of spectral gradation intersect with otherwise dormant frequencies. ‘Mophoc Rez’ produces intricate reticulations, recurring digital malformations and an asymmetrical topography, in which a decisive event might occur anywhere in its borderless terrain." –Cameron Shafii