Troy Schafer – Untitled No. 1 [7"]


Troy Schafer – Untitled No. 1 [7"]


Label: Signal Dreams

Format: 7”

Year: 2014

“Here, as a slave to incessant cultural artifacts that pervade my imagination, I have surrendered my familiarity of organic proportions to pneumatic systems. On Side A, I altered a palette of sonorous events thrust from their originary sources, mangling 36 hours of long-form, freely associative material into six mutant minutes.

Out of respect for the dead, I choose not to expound on side B. Such has been my absurd attempt to document - and cope with - genetic memory while composing practical new language through schizophonic and gestural appeal."

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Edition of 300 random color 7" discs.

Sounds created and arranged by Troy Schafer.
Recorded in and around the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Instrumentation : violin, viola, cello, voice, horn, E-mu Modular, Doepfer Modular, Moog Prodigy, room resonance, various types of steel and glass, tape and algorithmic analog and digital systems.

Mastered by Nathaniel Ritter
Design by Dani Schafer
Lacquer cut by Clint Holley, Gotta Groove Records, Cleveland