V/A – First Citizens of the Moon [CS]

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V/A – First Citizens of the Moon [CS]


Label: Cor Ardens

Format: Cassette

Year: 2019

“Cassette Compilation featuring unreleased material from Blue Chemise, Ami Yamasaki, Id M Theft Able, Pomona Za, Yixuan Pan, Malachi Lily, John M. Bennett, Creode, Couteau Sang, Tavishi, Jim Strong and Anna Mikhailova. And a selection of rarities from the likes of Church Shuttle, Spires that in the Sunset Rise and Vox Populi! To name a few. housed in lazer cut wooden covers.” –Jim Strong

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Side A:

  1. Pomona Za – Deor

  2. Yixuan Pan – sound of thinking

  3. Blue Chemise – Return to Sandy Point

  4. Ami Yamasaki – Silent Page

  5. Sarah M. Farmer – Consider your footing (straight in)

  6. Malachi Lily – Mouse Song

  7. Vox Populi – Nymphea

  8. Church Shuttle – West Virginia Dreamer

  9. Jessop and Co – Daytime Alcoholism & The Subsequent fever Dream

  10. Crank Sturgeon – notpunkenoughfordannythree

Side B:

  1. Spires That In The Sunset Rises – Schluss

  2. John M. Bennett – All Holes Day/ It will be Yesterday

  3. Creode – Jammer

  4. Couteau Sang – Peau Coupee

  5. Anais Maviel – Animts

  6. Id M Theft Able – He was taken to Elberon, NJ where he succumbed to NJ where he succumbed to

  7. Tavishi – Byatha

  8. Jim Strong – 10,000 feet below a summer storm

  9. Anna Mikhailova – 10 songs in 3 parts

  10. Philadelphia Women’s Slavic Ensemble – Kafal Sviri

The initial thought behind this audio compilation was to concretize relationships established through years of research and correspondence in organizing performance work, screenings and exhibitions. It represents only a handful of artists I have gathered material from and will likely be the first of many such releases. It was compiled in bursts of activity between 2016 and 2018. This collection contains rare and unreleased material from artists combining and departing from the traditions of Poetry, Performance art, Home recording, Mail art, Radio plays, Sound installation, Improvisation, Choral Music and Experimental theater. At first glance, the title “The First Citizens of The Moon” may suggest the eventual physical migration of humans towards life beyond our current planetary home. An Inevitable fascination for the terrestrially bound. We acknowledge this thread and move to its parallel. Here, we feel more in accord with the possibilities of imaginative transport. The title of this compilation references a letter written by, the painter Marsden Hartley in which he described [fellow painter] Albert Pinkham Ryder (1847-1917) as being “Among the first citizens of the moon”. The myth of Ryder is one in which Time itself is superseded by hermetic persistence. The object of focus becomes an imprint of things imminent, both here and not. One can imagine, after a lifetime of this pursuit, Ryder Lifting his gaze from his worktable to find himself immersed in soundless immensity. Startled, he drops his brush and it remains floating in front of him, Light as air. For the purposes of the artists gathered here, “The First Citizens of the Moon” places the Creative Process as intuitive ritual- Drawing the signifiers of daily experience into composite environments- part memory, part location. A vestige of magical transport surrounding the most humble act.

Jim Strong

Cor Ardens 2019