V/A – Free Percussion [CS]

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V/A – Free Percussion [CS]

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Label: tsss tapes

Format: Cassette

Year: 2019

(Will Guthrie, Rie Nakajima, Ted Byrnes, Kevin Corcoran, and more…)

“Twelve percussionists from different parts of the world improvising on snares, bells, sticks, cymbals, pinecones, rattles, brushes, bass drums, mallets, found objects, any object that makes a sound if you hit it, stroke it, let it bounce. Limited edition of 100 tapes.” –tsss tapes

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Side A:

  1. Claire Rousay - Her Striped Shirt

  2. Rie Nakajima - 2'46''

  3. Chris Dadge - Walking Spruce

  4. Håkon Berre - Liahaugen

  5. Ted Byrnes - No

  6. Tim Daisy - For Ogden

Side B:

  1. Will Guthrie - Rush

  2. Simon Camatta - Concrete Love

  3. Kevin Corcoran - States of Instability (For Snare Drums and Bells)

  4. Skyler Rowe - Fameux

  5. Francesco Covarino - #11

  6. João Lobo - Domingos